Department of TamilThe Department Of English, With Its Prestigious Position In The College, Was Established In The Year 1995. From Its Humble Beginning Of Department Of Tamil Is Functioning Well.

  • Department of Tamil is executing from the year 1995.
  • Every step of the department is moving towards to gain fluency and knowledge in Tamil among students.
  • Our Prime motto is to teach basic Tamil, Tamil tradition & culture to the Students of Arts & Science.
  • There are totally 5 highly skilled faculty members are dedicatively in our tamil department.
  • On behalf of Tamil department Tamil literary association  (Tamil mandram) is functioning successfully. It helps the students to enhance and to expose their creativity & special skills.
  • Department library is functioning successfully including the books of traditional literature, research books and modern literature. These books are maintaining usage of student.
  • Four of our staff members are with  Ph.D., and three of the staff are with  UGC-NET.

  • Students are getting practiced in kavithai, katturai,oviyam,pechuthiran and natupura kalaigal through the department and they are encouraged to participate in all the competitions even state level.
  • The Department enhances the creativity and originality of the student community.
  • The way of Tamil Department to improve the humanity and women empowering thoughts of rural area students.
  • So the every step of the department and faculty members should thing the current situation and psychology of the students 

  1. Dr. C.Satheeshkumar,M.A,M.Phil,Ph.D,NET – Head & Assistant Professor
  2. Dr. K.Chelladurai,M.A,M.Phil,Ph.D - Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. V.Manickaboopathi,M.A,Ph.D,JRF-NET - Assistant Professor
  4. Ms. B.Dhivya,M.A,M.Phil - Assistant Professor
  5. Dr. S.Karthikeyan,M.A,M.A ,M.Phil,Ph.D,NET - Assistant Professor

  • Dr.C.Satheeskumar Head Dept of Tamil published a Book entitled “DRAVIDACHAADHI” on 12.08.2016 during the Book Festival.
  • Dr.V.Manickaboopathi Assistant professor Department of Tamil has Published a book entitled "Naveena Tamil Pudhinanagalil Kaalamum manidha uravukalum, Meiyyiyal Kotpaadukal" on the year of 2020.
  • Dr.S.Karthikeyan Assistant professor Department of Tamil has Published a book entitled "Samayamum Panbaadum Sollum Pen Udal , Sanga Kaala Pen Aram" on the year of 2020.
  • The Department of Tamil Conducted International Conference on 20.09.2019 and Published a  Research Compilation entitled "Ilakiyankalil Aram (2 volumes)
  • An International Conference was held at Sree Vasavi college Erode on 04.01.2017. Dr.C.Satheeskumar Head, Dept of Tamil, Dr.K.Chelladurai, Dr.V.Manickaboopathi and Ms.Kavitha Asst.Prof submitted their Research Papers in the Conference.
  • A Special Debate on National Integrity was held at Vellode Bharathidasan Youth Club on 15.01.2017 . Dr.V.Manickaboopathi was a Judge and Prof.J.Kavitha was the Speak Person of the Debate.
  • Prakash of III B.Com and Sridhar of II Bsc (cs) got the fiest prize in Essay competition held at Erode Arts College on 28.02.2017 .
  • V.Thirumoorthy PG student was selected as the Best creator. He was awarded the “Best Creator – 2017” . Our Management encouraged him with Financial support to publish his poem at Erode Book Festival 18.08.2016.
  • Mohanapriya of II BA was selected to final round in a Debate organized by Pudhuyugam channel on 06.03.2017.
  • Dhanasekar of II BA is emerging as the Best Translator. His various poemsare published in Blogs at regular Intervals.
  • Thenmozhi of II BBA got the 1st place in Essay and best essayist in Special Essay Competition to encourage (Reading Books).
  • Tamil Literary Association Functions were held at Vellalar Women’s College, Sree Vasavi College & J.K.K.N College Dr.C.Satheeskumar was the Chief Guest for this Functions.
  • Erode Arts College organized an International Conference on 06.12.2017  Prof S.Selvipriyaswarnaprabha presented her research paper in the conference.
  • Malaysia Tamil Club in collaboration with Madurai Kamaraj University Conducted a Short story writing competition Prof J.Kavitha and R.Karthik’s  works were selected as the best among the hundred Short Story. 


Department of Tamil, Tamil Literary Association organised a guest lecture program on 01.09.2022. Mr.V.Boominathan, Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil, Kongu Arts Science College, Erode was the chief guest. He delivered his lecture on “Rarity of Words”. He explained to the students about the characteristics of the word and usage of the words. More than 150 students benefited from his speech.


Department Tamil was organized Certificate valediction programme on 30.05.2022. The theme of this program was Ecology. Special speaker given a speech about our Ecology system. What we know about Ecology and how to product Ecology for our  better and nature life.. More than 100 students are took a part in this program. 


Department of  Tamil  has Started Certificate course in name of  “Vanaviyalil Uyir Soolaliyal” for the academic year 2021-2022. In the part of visit has been conducted on 19.04.2022 at Bargur hills with 66 students. Then meeting with people Tribes and our student has understand the things about animal husbandry and nature.


Department of Tamil organised a Bharathidasan memorial Day Special  guest lecture program on 21.04.2022. Dr.K.Ramesh,  Professor,Department of commerce, KSR College,Trichengode  was the chief guest. He delivered his lecture on “Puthiyathor Ulagam Seivom”. He was reveal his speak a new issues of mobile usage and media pollution thenso many  factors  are polluting to the students. The event  second session was the  discussion with student and guest .


Department of Tamil , Bharathidasan college of Arts and Science Erode organised a special on music on 29.03.2022. M .N.Sathyamoorthi, Principal, Goverment School of music was the chief guest. He explained the basics of Music. Dr.Ganasekar and   Ms. Devi Priya are felicitated the program. These two resourcepersons explained the basics karnatic music to the students. Dr.R.Shanmughan, Principal, Dr.S.Kamesh, Dean and  300 students from various departments felicitated the Program.


Department of Tamil, Tamil Literary Association and Fine Arts Club,  Bharathidasan College of arts and Science joinly organised a guest lecture program on 31.12.2021. Dr.R.Viswanathan, Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil, CN College was the chief guest. He delivered his lecture on “Darkness is a low light”. He emphasised his speech on the way to face both darkness and lightness in a brave way. He quoted a few exambles from History and literature in which  the historical figures overcame darkness and succeeded in their lives.


Department of Tamil, Bharathidasan College of Arts and Science  organised a special guest lecture program on 15.12.2021. Mr.M.Sankar, Assistant Professor in Tamil, Vinayaga Mission Kirubananda Variyar Arts and Science College, Salem was the chief guest. Traditional Art in Tamil Literature, the characteristics features of Music and their varieties were elaborately discussed.


Department of Tamil Bharathidasan College of Arts and Science conducted a webinar on 30.10.2021 entitled “Siththar Marabu kattum Vazhviyal Neri”. Mr. Rafeek Raja, Founder Sool Vasippu Thalam, was the resource person. He discussed the traditional values given by Siththar of the classic eras. Further he highlighted the suggestions and ideas of siththars in the area of Medicine, philosophy and spirituality, etc.. He demonstrated with the verses from siththar’s writings.

Department of Tamil, Tamil Tradition Centre was established on 12.10.2021. Some antique things which have been received from students and staff are displayed to visitors. Thiru V.R.Murugan, Treasurer inaugurated the exhibition. Dr.R.Shanmugan Principal, Dean, A.O,CEO felicitated the exhibition. Students were permitted to see the exhibition.



Department of Tamil, Bharathidasan College of  Arts & Science conducted a one day webinar  on 27.09.2021. P.Dhanasekar,Assistant Professor of English, Sri Venkateswara Arts And Science College, Gobi was the key note  speaker.

Department of Tamil, Bharathidasan College of  Arts & Science conducted a one day webinar  on 16.08.2021. Dr.K.Nagarajan, Former Associate Professor of  Tamil, CN College Erode was the Resource Person.

Department of  Tamil Conducted  E – Quiz entitled “Mannum Manamum” organised by Dr.S.Karthikeyan on 26.06.2020 & 27.06.2020.

Department of  Tamil Conducted  E – Quiz entitled “Naveena Illakkiyam” organised by Dr.V.Manickaboopathi on 11.07.2020 & 12.07.2020.

Department of  Tamil Conducted  E – Quiz entitled “Siththarum Tamilum” organised by Dr.K.Chelladhurai  on 18.08.2020 & 19.08.2020.

Department of  Tamil Conducted  E – Quiz entitled “Needhi Illakkiyam” organised  by Ms.B.Dhivya  on 10.10.2020  & 11.10.2020.


A Webinar was organized  to bring out  “ Indian Philosophy” in tamil  Literature on 25/09/2020 Mr.U.Krishnamoorthy , PG assistant, Sanmuga factory Government Higher secondary school, addressed the gatherings.


A Webinar was conduted  on “ Tamil Samuga Varalattril Kodumanal” on 14-07-2020. Dr.N.Rajendran, Assistant Professor  of  Tamil, Hindustan Arts & Science College, Coimbatore was the keynote Speaker, He demonstrated with a few archeological evidence from Kodumanal, Erode District.


Department of  Tamil  organized a  special webinar on   “ Saivapulamai Varalaru : thirugnanasamanthar” on 25-06-2020 Dr.R.Gokul, Assistant Professor , Shri Ramakrishna mission Vidhyalaya Arts & Science College, Coimbatore was the chief guest.


On behalf of  Derpartment  of Tamil a Webinar related to grammer entitled “Meipattu Tamil” was conducted on 11-06-2020. Mr.I.Selvam was the Resource Person . I delivered his address on the history of classical Literature.



On behalf of Bhrathidasan College of arts And Science,  Tamil  Department and Drivida Iyakka Aaivu Maiyam, Chickaiah Naikkar College organised an  Internatinal Conference entitled “Ethics in Literature” on 20.09.2019. Mr.Valaithamil Parthasarthi, Ex-Head of Wasington Tamil Sangam was the chief guest.He enthusiastically explained the signifiance of Tamil language. Dr.P.Kamalakannan, Head, Tamil Department,Chickaiah Naicker College delivered a speech on present society. Dr.R.Shanmugan, delivered  an inaugural address.Dr.C.Angayarkanni, Associate Professor, Chikkaiya Naicker College, Dr.K.Nagarajan, Ex.Professor, Chickaiah Naicker College, Ms.Gomathi Subramaniam, Head, Department Of Tamil, Nandha College, Ms.Maheswari, Assistant Professor of Tamil, Nirmala college, acted as a chair person. Many Participants from various colleges presented the research  papers.

On behalf of Tamil Department one day  workshop has conducted on 30.07.2019. Dr.Thulasimani, Associate professor, Sri Vasavi College organized the programme. Sivaneyar Murugesan , Sri Yoga Siththar Thiruththalam,Vellikuttai, and Siththaradiyar A.Ashokkumar Sri Yoga Siththar Thiruththalam,Vellikuttai, were the chief guests of the programme.   

On behalf of Tamil Department has conducted oneday  workshop on 19-07-2019. Dr.P.Saravanan , Siddha medicine , Kovai was the chief guest of the programme.           


On behalf of Tamil language club , Bharathidasan College Of Arts & Science has organized special leuture entitled “ youth towards nature” on 11-07-2019.Kovai Sathasivam acted as a chief guest. 

Dr.S.Karthikeyan, Assistant Professor acted as a  chief guest in Bharathidasan college of Arts & Science ,on 04-07-2019 and delivered a lecture on “Manamey Mahasakthi” on behalf of Vivehandar Memorial day. 

Dr.V.Manickaboopathi , Assistant Professor acted as a  chief guest in Sri Vasavi College on  02-07-2019 and delivered a lecture on Modern Short Stories.

2018 - 2019

 Dr.C.Satheeshkumar , Hod of Tamil acted as chief guest in Sri Venkateswara Hi Tech College, Gobi on 25-02-2019 and delivered a lecture on Ethics in life.

Department of Tamil Conducted FolkLore Cutural festival entitled Manvaasam 2019 on 01-02-2019,  167 students from 20 colleges actively took part in the program.     

On behalf of Bcas, Tamil Dept had conducted various competitions to the students for Pongal Celebration on 08-01-2019. 96 students participated in the competitions. And prizes were distributed to the winners.

Department of Tamil Organized  a valediction program for certificate course on 26-12-2018. Dr.ArasuParameshwaran, Asst.Prof of Tamil,Arignar Anna Arts College,Namakkal was invited as the chief guest. 72 students from our college received their certificates.

On behalf of Tamil Department a one day seminar was organized on 19-09-2018 Dr.R.Yuvaraj,Asst.Prof  of Tamil, Vivehanada College of Arts and Science, Trichengode was the Chief Guest of the program.

As a part of Certificate course 72 Students from our college went on Archeological visit to Kodumanal  & Vijayamangalam on 19-06-2018.

2017 - 2018

  • Tamil Department conducted “Naatupuraviyal Ennum Panbaatu Kalvi” on 05.01.2018 Mr.Isakki Asst. Prof of Tamil JKKN Arts and Science, Kumarapalayam was the Chief Guest of the occasion. 250 students participated and they got about Folk Culture and its feature through this program.
  • Bharathiar Constituent College Modakurichi conducted various competitions to the students to enrich their skills.  Our students from our college got prizes. The programme was held on Dec 23rd, 2017.
  • On behalf of self finance college association Dr.C.Satheeskumar Head of Tamil Department with the best faculty award was honored by Thiru Baskaran Distinguished Justice, Madras High Court held on Nov 29th 2017.
  • Dept of Tamil organized A Workshop and special debate to know the contemporary society of Tamil held on Aug 12th 2017. Poet Isai was the chief guest students shared their thoughts on Modern poems. 320 students participated in the programme.

2016 -2017

  • Dept of Tamil with the help of media organized, A Special debate for enriching the social responsibilities of the students help on Apr 4th 2017. The Special debate show was telecasted by Shri Krishna TV in erode district. Thiru.V.R.Murugan Treasurer, BCAS who presided the programme.
  • On Jan 12th 2017, the various competitions were conducted by Dept of Tamil to expose cultural and traditional values of Tamil society to the world on the occasion of Pongal Festival. Thiru.N.K.K.Periyasamy, chairman, BCAS who distributed the prizes to the students.
  • Dept of Tamil organized  “A Special book Fair“  to develop the reading skills of the students in the society, which held on 7th Oct 2016.  Around 15 publishers and 2500 students from our college met in one junction.
  • Department of Tamil, Tamil Literary Association conducted a one day work shop, which held on 15th July 2016. Thiri.K.Pugalendhi,  Asst.Prof of constituent Bharathiar University who had given the motivational speech among 350 students in the programme.
  • On behalf of Vivekanandar trust and Dept of Tamil conducted various competitions to the higher secondary students 36 schools participated in the programme and the various awards had been given to develop their skills. 264 students participated. Thiru S.Mohan, Chief Education Officer, Erode was the chief guest of the program.


2018 - 2019 ( M.Phil Part Time Details )



2017- 2018 ( M.Phil Part Time Details )


2016 - 2017                                                                         

M.Phil Part Time Details
Approved for M.Phil programme was accorded from the academic year 1999-2000. However it was withdrawn from the academic year 2014-2015, as per university guidelines. BU has given a fresh approvel to conduct M.Phil programme from 8th  july 2016 onwards and admissions were carried out.



2015 - 2016

Ph.D, viva – voce had been conducted on 5th feb 2016 in our department.

This project entitled with the colletive works of poet Malayaman






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