Anti Narcotics Club

The Anti Narcotic Club is a club to curb the menace of substance abuse among youngsters. The club envisages every student of the college to be goal oriented and innovative in protecting oneself and others against drugs and alcohol. The activities of club include sensitization programmes through awareness classes, poster exhibitions, organizing campaigns etc. The club supports the proactive interventions by Government, NGOs, deaddiction centers etc for a drug free world.

The extensive use of narcotics within and outside educational institutions has become a serious concern nowadays. Drug dealers target students both as carriers as well as clients. It’s high time for teachers and parents to work against and eradicate this evil force. The highly energetic youth can be guided by educating and at the same time by warning against the adverse effect of narcotics. With this noble intention, we formed anti narcotics club in our college. To keep close contact with the excise and police departments and arrange programs to make the students aware of the strong legal force working against narcotics and inculcate respect towards parents, teachers and the Indian judiciary.

Motto of the Anti-Narcotics Club:

“Become anti- Narcotic; help to chain the evil”

Objectives of the Anti-narcotics Club :

  • To ensure a drug free campus
  • To engage the students in anti- narcotic activities
  • Motivate students to become volunteers of anti-narcotic activities in their life.

Activities of the Anti-narcotics Club

  • Ensured no sale of tobacco/narcotic products inside the premises and within the radius of 100 yards from the college. Designed notice board as per COTPA (Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act) guidelines and installed at various locations.
  • Conducting Anti-drug rallies.
  • Conducting poster presentation on the shocking health effects of narcotics.
  • Inspection of the anti narcotics cell at the college campus and the premises.


Anti-Narcotics Club has conducted a pledge programme on “Pledge for Anti-Narcotics” on 11.08.2022 at Vivekanandar Arangam. Mr.K.Jeevanantham Sub- Inspector of Police, Kanchikovil Police Station has delivered the pledge and college students were taken the pledge. Around 816 students from our college along with staff members were participated in this programme.



The club conducted an awareness programme on 16.03.2020 at U.G. Seminar Hall. The topic was “Awareness Programme on Narcotics”. Dr.S.Senthilkumar  M.D.S., JKKN Dental Hospital, Kumarapalayam, Namakkal was the chief guest. He highlighted the effects of drugs and tobacco usage and general  checkup is carried out . More than 100 students participated and Mr.S.Sathish, Asst.professor of Information Technology was the co-ordinator for the programme.

      The club conducted an awareness programme on 02.02.2017 at P.G.Seminar Hall. The topic was “Awareness programme on the menance of drugs & Tobacco”. Dr.V.A.Ananthakumar  M.B.B.S.,D.P.M., Psychiatrist,GH,Erode and Dr.E.M.Ashok M.Sc(Psy).,Ph.D., Psychologist,Erode were the chief guests.They highlighted the well being of an individual by keeping away from drugs & Tobacco.More than 300 students participated and  Mr.S.Sathish,  Asst.Professor of Computer science was the co-ordinator for the programme.

          The club conducted an awareness programme on 03.09.2014 at P.G.Seminar Hall.The topic was “Awareness speech to avoid narcotic substances”. Dr.P.S.Rajeevan M.B.B.S., Medical officer, C.S.I Hospital, Erode was the chief guest.He delivered awareness speech to the club members about prevention of narcotic substance & human health. more than 100 students participated and Mr.S.Sathish,  Asst.Professor of Computer science was the co-ordinator for the programme.

          The club organised an awareness programme on 04.01.2013 at P.G Seminar Hall.The topic was “Counseling Cum Antidrug Awareness programme”. Dr.N.Kandasamy, principal, Bharathidasan College of  Arts and Science, Erode was the counsellor cum Resource   person.  He has pointed out many  aspects for improving awareness among students. More than 350 students participated in this programme.

          ‘’INAUGURAL FUNCTION OF ANTI-NARCOTICS  CLUB’’ was held on 06.01.2012 at U.G Seminar Hall.The inaugural  address was  delivered by Dr.N.Kandasamy, principal, Bharathidasan College of  Arts and Science, Erode.  He gave awareness speech to avoid narcotic substances  and explained about   their side effects.    More then 100 students   participated in this programme. 


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